Where to find free Halloween E-cards (and other holiday cards too).

Happy Halloween

For those of us out there who find it easier to express their Holiday greetings using the electronic form of media as I do, there are free ways to send that friend, family member or loved one a special greeting right to their in-box. And as the holidays quickly approach, now is a good time to save a few dollars on those with tight budgets.  So, with that in mind, here is my recommendation on a good web site to send out some “gratis” Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years E-cards.

My web site of choice? Look no further than Bluemountain.com

Although they have limits on the cards you can choose from — Six free E-cards for the Halloween section —  the idea that there is a web site that will allow you to send the E-card out to more than one person is a noble and thoughtful option on the part of AG Interactive®.  Note: A large portion of the E-cards on BlueMountain.com can be bought through subscription.  And a very limited amount are free.

I have used this site successfully since being introduced to it in 2003, so I think it is worth a try for those who like a limited, but free assortment of E-cards.

However, one of the caveats with these free E-cards is that the personal message you can add to the card is not editable. Thus, no bolding, italics, or new color schemes can be added when you add a personal message to the E-card you have decided to deliver!  Once you have decided to add a personal message to your E-card, you must then type in the receiver’s e-mail address and name (as well as YOU the sender).

To make things easier on those looking to send out free Halloween themed E-cards, I have added a link to Blue Mountain’s  section that has some free holiday themed cards here: http://www.bluemountain.com/ecards/search/Free%20e-cards

****Special Note****

For those interested in more Halloween related animations, I have added my own interactive Halloween animation I created in 2005 called “Click It: Halloween” located in my Flash Work gallery!  However, the animation cannot be sent out as a free E-card to others. 🙁

Happy Halloween !!!


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