I put together some #InterestingTidbitsAbout in December of 2017 as a way to bring my own personal insight into topics  like humor, life, irony, parallels, distinctions amongst things, etc. So, the logical progression would be to create My Interesting Tidbits About Page on my website for all to enjoy.

I started posting photos with a niche title —  #InterestingTidbitsAbout on Instagram.com. I decided to post all of them here as the original graphics ( in lieu of IG ).

Note: Just click to expand the size of the images if you want to read more.

And the BEST NEWS? There are more of these graphics to come, so stay tuned!!  As for Insights by MTW —  that’s me! Matthew T. Wurdeman. 🙂

As much as Interesting tidbits about…Instagram is cool, I think Humor is a tad better. 🙂

As much as Interesting tidbits about…New Year’s is cool and comes around only once per year, I think Blue is a tad better for many different reasons.  It was my favorite color as a child 🙂 And the Indigo plant provided the color.

Want to learn more about a genius like Nikola Tesla? Yes, there is the ‘Tesla Coil,” Tesla, the band, and “Tesla” the car company. You can check out some books on him like Nikola Tesla: Prophet Of The Modern Technological Age or Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius.  There are also other books to learn about Tesla, here.

Want to buy some items that have themes to Life? You can check out and purchase the The Game of Life – Amazon Exclusive
There is also the cereal, named after the word, Life.  You can check out more about Quaker Life Original Cereal, 18oz. The game of Scrabble can help you spell out L-I-F-E as well. lol. It scores 7 points as a word in the game! You can check it out: Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game.

Hygge, pronouced “hooga” is an awesome (Danish) word to bring into one’s life with friends and family! WIll you be bringing hygge into yours in 2018? There is also “absolute zero,” which is 173.5 Degrees Celsius, cold! Brrrrr!

Water has some amazing tidbits to learn about.  Wikipedia.com is a good source, but science textbooks and talking to “deep divers” don’t hurt, either! Hmmmm. Pangrams are fun and “Jived fox nymph grabs quick waltz” is my favorite pangram.

Earworm is a real thing.  It is from the German translation, “ohrwurm.”  However, being facetious may get you a complement when using the term in casual conversation. Just use facetious, sparingly.

While KISS/Kiss can mean different thing, keeping it simple with regards to a hypothesis or postulate in the case of Occam’s Razor is a smart thing, in my opinion. 🙂

The good thing about autodidacts is that they are “self-taught.”  That always comes in handy for people who feel the need to broaden their skill sets or learn something new and awesome.  While the ethereal world is tough to pin down, sometimes wisdom can come from “aether” to help with learning new things. 🙂

There are a lot of writers under the subgenres of science fiction like Phillip K. Dick, Rudy Rucker, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and more!  There are plenty of tidbits to learn when it comes to this type of subgenres.

Anyhoo, more Interesting tidbits to come.

Thanks for visiting my “Interesting Tidbits About” page!


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