Summer’s Almost Gone


Fall E of C Favicon_2012

Since Summer is almost gone and Fall is here shortly, I thought I would add a new theme for my site using something very
cool that works well with WordPress technology and goes along with a Fall harvest of sorts!

Plus, I thought a new Favicon  (Favorite Icon) could be a nice touch to things and drop the saint Patrick’s Day theme for this year. Below is a bigger version of the Favicon that I have located to the left of the URL for my site.

I decided to create a few icons as well to reflect the coming Fall.

I may add more of these icons for others to download and use, so stay tuned. . . .



Fall_Icon_Triple Corn

Fall_Icons_One Corn_Husk


Fall_Icons_One Pumpkin







I decided to not create an animated favorite icon (anifav) this time. I just thought I would keep with the E OF C or Elements of Coldfusion theme/naming convention of my Favicon with.

And as the late, great front man of the legendary band, the Doors once said . . .

“Where will we be

 When the summer’s gone?”




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