Noting Emerging Tech Trends: Rankings for Mobile Formatted Web sites

Screenshot of Quantcast Rankings for Mobile SitesWeb sites created for the sole purpose of publishing rankings for other web sites is a relatively new phenomenon.  A section for ranking mobile formatted web sites like, and is a new twist on these web sites that provide code for web page analytics.

These mobile formatted web sites rankings (monthly visitor rated) have appeared on only a few web sites like (a site that is only six years old).  And the trend of mobile browser use on smartphones is only increasing.


And according to Lori Chordas, [e]xperts predict that by 2020 there will be more than three billion mobile devices making 450 billion mobile transactions.[1]  Based on these stats, web site developers that understand the emerging trend of smartphone adoption and usage will benefit handsomely in terms of the potential monetization of future web site visitors and any related business transactions. Moreover, the web site is one that garners quite a bit of interest for mobile formatted web site rankings.

Visitors to will be greeted with a search box for looking up their favorite website URL of choice to check on where that web site may rank on a monthly basis.

There are two tabs to choose from, “All Sites” and “Mobile Web.”  When I selected the “Mobile Web” tab, the ranking of sites are still measured by monthly visits.

I like the fact that Quantcast explains how the rankings for mobile formatted pages work.

Listed below is the blurb that was published on Quantcast right below their “All Sites” and “Mobile Web” tabs.

“This list ranks Quantified websites based on the number of people in The United States who visit each site within a month on a mobile web browser. Mobile web traffic is measured from web browsers on mobile devices, but not mobile applications. The Mobile Web ranking only includes sites that participate in the Quantcast Measurement program and have their traffic directly measured via a Quantcast tag.”

Quantcast makes it very clear to visitors and potential clients that rankings on their site depend on the utilization of their code in order for monthly web page metrics to be measured and published to their site.

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[1] Chordas, Lori. The New Tech Priorities. <>i>Best’s Review, (11), 14.  March 1, 2012

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