Updates for Spring 2014

Screenshot of Elements of Coldfusion Bookmark icon for Smartphone

Now that Winter is over and Spring is here, I decided to go with a purple theme and say good-bye to all things snowy. I have added a new bookmark icon for smartphone users. My screenshot below will give visitors a new perspective of the design style change with a “E OF C 2014” label.  To download my newest Icon.  For iPhone users, tap “Add to Home Screen” after first tapping the menu icon.  Neat bookmark icon, eh?!

Moving On. . . .Quotery.com has a great plugin page for all those fans who want to learn more about how love to publish wise words from the famous and the infamous on their own site!

In other news, since 2013 has come and gone, I will also be adding new “Calendar Icons” for 2014 as well — Stay Tuned for more Icon goodness!

Thanks for “Clicking In” and checking out my work!


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