Graphic Design and Icon Trends: Creating An Assortment of Touch Icon Screens for Holidays and Different Web Site Themes.


Elements of E OF C Apple Touch Icon Timeline 2011-2014

A wise person once said that “Variety is the Spice of Life.”  And this is also true with “Apple Touch Icons” that can be created and configured so that visitors to one’s site using an iPhone can add it to their.  Below is an ifographic of how my “Apple Touch icons” have progressed over the last two years.  My first real venture into creating Apple Touch icons coalesced in a rudimentary green and yellow one with an E of C moniker. A tad unpolished to say the least. 🙂 However, As my themes and colors of my backgrounds changed, I tended to design Favicons (Favorite icons) and “Apple Touch Icons” along with the colors.

And as fast as Favicons (Favorite icons) have spread across the web as the browsers started to support .pngs, .gifs and .ico extensions specifically for branding individual sites, so too have “Apple touch icons” complemented the original Favicons. And with the introduction of the larger “Apple Touch icons” for iPhone and iPad home screens as well as for Android and Window’s based smartphones and tablets.  Thus, a new paradigm with regards to Ui (User Interface) Novelty had begun.

For my web site,, I have used different web site themes for different times and seasons of the year like Fall, Winter, Spring, etc. Because of the fact that I normally keep my favicons (favorite icons) and the larger Apple Touch icons in “aesthetic synch,” I tend to integrate the colors of my theme into the icons in some creative way.


In the Spirit of “Google Doodles,” the iconic designs and tributes using the GOOGLE name, I have tweaked my E of C “Apple Touch Icons” to emulate certain themes I have for my site or by the seasons.  My web page where these icons are located along with Month and Year of design progressions & evolution of this niche is one that could make an impact for the future of the Inernet in terms of design and “Ui Novelty.”


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