A Truly Awesome ElementsofColdfusion.net Homescreen Icon for A Truly Responsive Site. . . . Mine.

New Elements of Coldfusion.net's homescreen icon for August 2014

New Elements of Coldfusion.net’s homescreen icon for August 2014

Well, I had to finally step up to the plate and make my web site truly responsive.  Yes, there are still some tweaks to do, but it will adapt nicely to a smarphone, tablet and regular desktop screen. 🙂 Yayyy!

I have also added a new “Apple Touch Icon” to my Homescreen Icon timeline.  Check out my work by clicking here.

I decided to add a green and purple combination to go along with my navigation buttons to mix the color scheme up just a tad.

Thank’s for “Clicking In” to view my web work!





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