Just in time for Halloween with a New “E of C” Homescreen Icon.

Since Halloween is just around the corner,  I have decided to change the look and feel of my site to match the Fall season of 2014.  I think the look and feel of sites at times should match the seasons and holidays.  So, I have decided to add my newest Halloween “Apple Touch,” or Smartphone Homescreen bookmark icon to my Design Progression and Evolution of Apple Touch Icons gallery!  Click here to see Design progressions of my smartphone homescreen icons.  I created the “Icon Gallery” as a new spin on a “Google Doodle” angle, but this time with icons that can configured by web site developers who want to do a new kind of “UI Novelty” involving adaptations for smartphone users.


Screenshot of Apple IPhone Homescreen with October themed "E of C" icon included as a bookmark..

Screenshot of Apple IPhone Homescreen with October themed “E of C” icon included as a bookmark.


I think that some of the better aspects of the Fall and general Holiday seasons is the ability to adapt the site visually to how I see fit.  The bookmark icon also adds a bit of “novelty” to the overall user interface design and adds uniqueness.





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