“Have A New Year” from (E of C) ElementsofColdfusion dot-net

Since 2015 is indeed a New Year, I have decided to make sure that smartphone users, tablet users and phablet (phone-tablet combo) users receive a nice message like “Have A New Year.”  I think the idea of having a “fresh set of 365’s” to get the new year off right is the key! No, really!

In fact, I have updated my Design Progression and Evolution of “Apple Touch Icons” for my Elements of Coldfusion dot-net site to celebrate the “new 365’s.”

Feel free to check my icon progessions out by clicking here.  Usually my Homescreen icons aka “Apple Touch Icons” reflect holidays, seasons, etc., so keep that in mind when perusing all of the graphic and icon goodness I created.

Thank’s for “Clicking or Finger Tapping In” to check out my snappy, creative work!

Make sure to “Have A New Year!”



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