An “E of C,” Snappy Thanksgiving, 11-27-2016!


Since we are in the waning days of November and the real Thanksgiving date (11-24-2016) is now wrapped up for 2016, I thought I would still share a “snappy little design” that I created and published as my own personal “Apple Touch,” E of C (Elements of icon on 11-27-2016.  I decided to integrate a Turkey and a Pilgrim’s hat into the motif for this “Apple Touch” icon design.

For those who may not be familiar with small bookmark icons and Favicons (Favorite icons), they are a very popular element for those who design smartphone apps, web sites, etc.  To learn more about what the purpose and functionality of the “Apple Touch” icon and favicons (favorite icons) truly are, there is a good blog about these icons that can be read about by clicking here.

Special note: I also added a fresh top banner to my site that integrates a theme of “Give Thanks,”  “Fall pumpkins” and a Turkey — or two, or three, er, well, many! 🙂

Anywho, to sum it all up in one short and sweet message, Snappy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to all!










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