Bring on Spring, 2017! The Winter Snow must Go!

E_of_C_Apple_Touch_Icon_Spring_2017I feel that the mantra must be, “Bring on Spring! The Winter Snow must Go!”  Considering the fact that Spring of 2017 is quickly closing in, it is a good reason to shoo away the cold snow, sleet and freezing rain. I decided this time of year can not be without a cool icon that is also a stand-in for an Apple-Touch-Icon for web designers and programmers alike.  It is a good way to keep up with web design and Internet icon trends by creating an related design that might just be pleasing to the eyes and senses! 🙂

Spring and the warm sun are the only way to change the emotionally tide to a “sunnier” disposition, since Moving the clocks forward one hour was already completed in North America and elsewhere around the World.

And with Saint Patrick’s Day once again on its way come March 17th, a green theme is very appropriate this time of year! Slainte! Enjoy!




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