A Very Merry Christmas From E of C To All in 2017!

It’s that time again to share some Christmas Cheer and New Designs for  ElementsofColdfusion.net (E of C)


There is plenty of Christmas cheer and good times to go around in the final month of 2017! Time to ring those bells — yes, December is well upon us!  That is why I have put together some very festive theme elements on my website to celebrate this time of year! I chose yellow, red and green colors to bring in a very Merry Christmas Season! Oh, and some falling snow as a nice touch of animation to make things a little more on the snowy side. 🙂 And what is Christmas without the bells??  But the biggest question of all: What would bells be without a sleigh, yes, Santa’s Sleigh!

And speaking of sleighs, Amazon.com has some rather festive elements for their site, especially with the addition of Santa’s sleigh to their Wish list for 2017 and last year.  Who wouldn’t want to add an amazing craft like Santa’s Sleigh added to one’s personal wish list?  If you have a wish list as part of your account with Amazon.com, one can take note of an interesting santa sleigh design that many had reviewed in 2016.  The 2017 edition by North Pole Motors is quite an engineering marvel, and is a tad better than 2016’s design (in my humble opinion).  Ironically, the 2016 and 2017 versions of Santa’s Sleigh are both missing those important bells!  Perhaps I should write North Pole Motors and request a few bells be placed on the vehicle or use Amazon.com’s influence to relay my creative ideas?!

Santa's Sleigh

North Pole Motor’s Santa Sleigh 2016 Model. Courtesy of Amazon.com

While the 2016 edition of Santa’s Sleigh had a hefty V-8 engine and lots of deep passenger space for Christmas presents, the 2017 model is definitely all about energy efficiency.  You can check out that 2016 model, here.

The 2016 model did impress with the high tech version of Santa’s Assistant.  And Amazon.com’s web page had this witty review about Santa’s Assistant:

Where Rudolph’s red nose once provided a glow, now Echo’s blue light accompanies Santa through rain, sleet, and snow.  Aside from traffic updates, timers, and tunes, Alexa helps Santa order last minute to-do’s.

While Santa’s Assistant looks like a great tool with the help of Alexa, the 2016 model also included Santa’s Dash, which Amazon.com quips is quite helpful for the times when “Santa’s tank runs low, his Dash Buttons provide midnight snacks on the go.  With Red Bull, Pop-Tarts, and other treats we all know, Santa laughs all the way, as he ‘Dashes’ through snow.”

**Sigh** I could defintely use a Santa’s Dash as well when traveling long distances! And people can get a look at the Amazon’s Dash Daily Delights by clicking the link and checking them out: Dash Daily Delights – A new Dash Button on sale each day

Amazon list more interesting elements about this 2016 Model of Sleigh like the 750 horsepower V-8 engine, Santa’s Suspension, which they note that “thanks to great shocks, his touch down wakes no one inside.” The best part about Santa’s Suspension were they were “crafted by elves from fine North Pole gold.”

There is also Santa’s Sleigh Body, which was “[a] coat of cherry red paint to match his red suit, makes Santa’s new ride sleek and stylish to boot.”  There was also a mention for this 2016 model about Santa’s Safety for this Sleigh, which included a custom roll-cage as well as four spotlights for enhnacing Santa’s sight.  I think that red is a really great color.  And almost as good as gold in this case, but not to be outdone in looks and design by the 2017 Model of Santa’s Sleigh however.

For the 2017 model, let’s just say, “Elon Musk, eat your heart out!”  While the 2016 edition had a hefty V-8 engine and lots of deep passenger space for all those most wished for items.  You can check out Amazon’s “Most Wished for Items,” by clicking the link.  Shop Amazon – Most Wished For Items

The best thing about this stunning 2017 model is the energy efficiency and complex engineering.  Amazon.com has plenty to be in awe about as far as reviews of this sleek, yet supersonic sleighs are concerned.  You can check out more about Santa’s dynamic, 2017 sleigh, here.

2017 Model Santa's Sleigh

North Pole Motor’s Santa’s Sleigh 2017 Model.  Courtesy of Amazon.com

As for reviews of this 2017 Model. Amazon.com had these important things to say:

For 2017, Santa’s Sleigh goes to all-electric propulsion from the outgoing model’s internal-combustion V8, with high-capacity battery packs enabling a complete lap of the globe in a single night.

There was also the “What’s Hot, What’s Not” category for 2017.  Here’s Amazon.com’s key breakdowns:

What’s hot:
* Smooth, silent electric power.
* The cookie-warming compartment is definitely hot.
* Advanced technologies throughout, including Alexa integration, Plane Assist, active automated landing controls, and a cornucopia of cameras.

What’s not:
* Really needs heated seats.
* Mountain of presents compromises outward visibility somewhat.
* You won’t get one for Christmas.

Luckily, North Pole Motors (manufacturer of both the 2017 and 2016 model of Santa’s Sleigh according to Amazon.com) was up for the challenge by creating a sleek, yet stylish model with a plethora of onboard cameras this year. Let’s just say that I can’t wait to see what extra “bells and whistles” will come with the 2018 model of Santa’s sleigh!  Alas, none of us will ever own one, except for that lucky couple, Santa and Mrs. Claus. 🙂

Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas from E of C!


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