Inquisitive Types Are In For Knowledge And Humor With My “Interesting Tidbits About” Page!

If you inquisitive types have ever wanted some interesting insight into things, you’ve come to the right site. Yes, it makes you wonder about life, a tad.

Interesting tidbits

My new page, Interesting Tidbits About, is one that initially inspired me because of I think that the idea of posting witty memes, interesting pictures, inspiring quotes and other novel tidbits is a hip thing on Instagram (IG for short).  That being said, the “novelty” of it all can be a fleeting one on a website like, as far as trends or fads is concerned.  And in my case, the idea is to provide some knowledge, humor, and insights, when it comes to my Interesting Tidbits About, page.  There was real research involved to bring these “interesting tidbits” to life! I can’t source everything from — that would not be very wise.

Just stay tuned, and enjoy all the hard work I do to gather all these interesting tidbits and insights!



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