This page contains very unique “Social Media Icon Houses” that can be added or rearranged on your own web pages to build an actual “Social Media Icon Street” using my .png files. This is a (V.1 Winter/Snow Theme), so use these until Spring.

Disclaimer: These house designs are part of my own interpretation and style, so they are not an endorsement of any one company or service.  I claim no right of ownership to the company logos used in these icons.  I received no individual input or advice from any of these companies/services on these house designs, street sign or lamp post design!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I have created ten of these “Social Media Icon Houses” so far! I plan on adding as many “Social Media Icon Houses” with a winter/snow theme as possible. Plus, it is a very tedious task to create these houses and to find novel ways to integrate the Social Media Icons to “pixel perfection”!

Because of the coolness of Paul Robert Lloyd’s Social Media Icon page, and the source for some of my inspiration for creating these “Social Media Icon Houses,” I have based my usage of the Social Media icons for these houses on the last social media icon update he has made on his own site.  Thank’s Paul!

So, with that detailed explanation out of the way, here are the company/services and the descriptions for the “Social Media Icon Houses” that are free for the masses to integrate into their own pages!

Special Note: These icons can be downloaded as .png files as part of a .zip file at the bottom of the web page.  Each graphic has their own unique width, but the height has a standard for each .png of 151 pixels.


Digg House (included both the “digg” word and “character holding shovel?” icon)

Social Media Icon House: digg

Reddit House

Social Media Icon House: Reddit

You Tube House (with alternate Red and White Play button)

Social Media Icon House: You Tube

flickr House

Social_Media_Icon_House: Flickr

RSS House

Social Media Icon House: RSS

Facebook House

Social Media Icon House: Facebook

LinkedIn House

Social Media Icon House: LinkedIn

Twitter House (included both the “Lower case t” icon and “Blue Bird” icon)

Social Media Icon House: Twitter

Google Plus House (Lower case “g+” icon not included)

(***Update March 2012 Google + has a new red icon.  See new SMIH below!)

Social Media Icon House_Google_Plus new Version 2012                                               Social_Media_Icon_House: Google Plus

(New SMIH with Red                              (Older Color Scheme with White + Sign)

Background and white G+) 


StumbleUpon House  

(***Update March 2012 Stumble Upon has a new icon.  See new SMIH below!)

Social Media Icon House_StumbleUpon_Updatd version 2012_with_Snow                                             Social Media Icon House: StumbleUpon

(New Red Stumble Upon                   (Older/Discontinued? Green and Blue Color Scheme)

SMIH with Red Logo)


For these accessories, I have given the user the choice of adding a Street Sign Post with snow covering it or one without.

I have provided the user with the same option of with or without snow for the Street Lamp Post.

The Social Media Icon Street Sign Posts

Social Media Icon Street Sign: no snow covering          Social Media Icon Street Sign: with Snow covering

The Social Media Icon Street Lamp Posts

Social Media Icon Street Lamp: without Snow covering          Social Media Icon Street Lamp: with Snow covering

Note:  Since there are (75+) social media companies as well as a few different varieties of icons available for individual companies/services like Twitter, digg, Google and You Tube, I decided to integrate some of these icons as I saw fit with a unique “Social Media Icon House” design style.

Additional Note: I am not taking any special requests for SMIHs (Social Media Icon Houses) at this point.  Stay tuned for possible new additions!

****Update March 17th***** The Updated SMIHs for Stumble Upon and Google + are included in this new .zip file update

You can snag all 10 Social Media Icon Houses (along with the two new updated SMIHs) as well as two Street Lamps and two Street Signs Here:

Download (.Zip file 595 KB)



********UPDATE 01/15/2012*********

I have added five new SMIHs to the free collection of ten that I originally published in December of 2011.

The new five include the following: About.Me House, Tumblr House, Delicious House, FourSquare House and Dribble House!!!



Note: All of these .pngs are 151 pixels in height, so they appear to be smaller in size due to snow in foreground.

About.Me House

Social Media Icon House: About.Me

Tumblr House

Social Media Icon House: Tumblr

Delicious House

Social Media Icon House: Delicious

FourSquare House

Social Media Icon House: FourSquare

Dribbble House (a basketball hoop is included on the left side of the house)

Social Media Icon House: Dribble

You can snag all five new SMIHs Here: Download   (.Zip file 205 KB)

Terms of Use: These five new SMIHs (Social Media Icon Houses) are free to use and have been designed by me.  I only as that you do not edit them visually or manipulate them in any way from the originals on this site.  The original logos representing a specific product or service may solely represent the company or entity who is in ownership of the Copyright or Trademark herein.


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