Welcome to my Adobe Flash samples page!

I have a very good selection of Flash samples to showcase.  Some are seasonal related; Halloween, High School Graduation Themed, New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day Themed Animated Navigation Banners, etc.  Some of my other samples involve interactive widgets that involves uses the arrow pad — see “A Cool Structure” listed down the page.

Holiday Themed Interactive Navigation Banners from Elements of Coldfusion

Animated Holiday/Interactive Menus

The Big ScoopThe Big Scoop


                                                                      A Cool Structure A Cool Structure


Click It-Halloween                                                                                    Click It: Halloween


                                                                    At The Beach 2004  At The Beach: 2004


                                                                         Two Mice for Ten Dollars Advertisement Banner   Two Mice for Ten (Dollars): Advertising Banner


Screenshot of sortable Presidential Birthdate Birthstate widget

Sortable U.S. Presidential Birth Data and Birth State Widget


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