These Social Media Icon Houses are Free for Taking and Using! Enjoy My gift!

                            ***************UPDATE: 01/15/2012****************

I have added five more free SMIHs (Social Media Icon Houses) for the taking.  I have created an About.Me House, a Tumblr House, a Delicious House, a FourSquare House and a Dribble House (with basketball hoop added on the side of the house as my own unique spin on things).

Here is a view of the street with the five new SMIHs added sided by side starting with the About.Me House and ending with the House.

See the new five SMIHs by clicking on the image below:

New Social Media Icon Houses About.Me Tumblr Delicious FourSquare Dribble

Special Note: These SMIHs are my own interpretation of icon integration with my own house design style and I have not changed the original icon for each social media site or product.  I have added a zip file with all five of my free SMIHs in my Social Media Icon House Gallery (V.1 Winter/Snow Theme) gallery here.

I will be adding five more SMIHs in winter/snow theme in the future, so stay tuned.

Thanks for viewing my work.




I thought that since it is the Holiday Season, I would create a real nice gift that people could integrate into their site.  My gift?  Ten Unique “Social Media icon Houses” and some accessories to go along with it.  I have not had time to design the other 65+ social media icon houses that would cover all the companies and services currently in existence.

Each SMIH (Social Media Icon House) can be downloaded as an individual .png file from one .zip file on my main SMIH page.

What else is included in the .zip file?  My personalized “Social Media Icon Street Sign” with or without snow covering as well as a “Social Media Icon Street Lamp Post” with the same snow options.

The Ten Social Media Icon Houses that are available will be listed below (Starting from the beginning of the street at Left starting with Reddit) :

Reddit   You Tube   flickr    RSS    Facebook  LinkedIn   Twitter   Google Plus   digg   StumbleUpon

**Click on the Thumbnail below to View all Ten of the Social Media Icon Houses I created!

Social Media Icon Street with My Ten Social Media Icon Houses

Because I have a .zip file available for visitors to download all the SMIHs (Social Media Icon Houses) and other accessories like street sign and lamp post, feel free to switch up the houses to fit your own Social Media Icon preference!

Maybe you want Facebook SMIH first, your RSS SMIH in the Middle and You Tube SMIH at the end; It is easy to make it happen!  Just download the .zip file, open up and save the .pngs, upload the SMIHs to your server and code it in XHTML.  Make sure to  include an opening <a href tag and a closing </a> tag for a hyperlink to the Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or You Tube web site along with  <img src> or <img class>  tag to embed my .png files.  Use  your coding magic to make the .png images work like any HTML4 guru should!  And also make sure to add the “alt” and “title” tags for 508 compliance!

The example below will show how easy it would be to put your own SMIHs together to create your own little SMIS (Social Media Icon Street).

First, let’s start with a street sign.  There I have added it as the anchor.  Next, we want a Facebook SMIH. Since all the .pngs have a consistent height of 151 pixels, there shouldn’t be much trouble lining them all up. After we add a Facebook SMIH, I will add an RSS SMIH.  It looks like it fits very well!  The third SMIH will be a Twitter SMIH, then a LinkedIn SMIH and finally a You Tube SMIH to cap the Social Media Icon Street design along with a Lamp post!

Social Media Icon Street: Custom House Selections

To download your 14 Social Media Icon Houses and accessories, go to my main Social Media Icon Houses page located under Design Gallery or click here.

Enjoy the Gift! Happy Holidays!


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