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“You Rock” and “You Rock and Roll” Animations are available for Free download!

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Yes, that’s right, folks!  “You Rock” and “You Rock and Roll” animations are available just in time for the Holidays!! Tell that “special someone” that they really do rock with an animated “You Rock” or “You Rock and Roll” message in 17×17 pixels or 70×70 pixels across the ethereal digital passageway known as the Internet! […]

My Thanksgiving Themed Anifav (Animated Favorite Icon) and where to create your own animated .GIFs for free!


Well, Halloween has come and gone for another year, so it’s time to take my Halloween AniFav (Animated Favorite Icon) down and replace it with a new Thanksgiving one.  The new one shall appear to the left of the URL in the browser depending on the type of browser people are surfing with. ***For those […]