I’ve Got Some Pilgrim Hatted Turkeys and a Snappy Thanksgiving This November 23!

Who Has Lots Of Turkeys Wearing Pilgrim Hats at ElementsofColdfusion.net For Thanksgiving? This Site Does!

Thanksgiving 2017

Image of Thanksgiving Hatted Turkey Icons from ElementsofColdfusion.net.

Be Thankful! Gobble, gobble! Alas, it must be that time of year again when millions of turkeys in the U.S. get properly thawed?, stuffed, cooked and eventually carved (yes, good things come to those who watch the oven and wait).  And while the discussion of Turkey versus Ham versus other meats as a main course for Thanksgiving is a debate that might have no real ending, there are quite a lot of Turkeys in Pilgrim hats available for that discussion from what I see.  Can you count them all in the image above?

With those special days of the year, like Halloween or Thanksgiving, where a colorful gourd like the pumpkin gets turned into some delicious pies or other interesting food stuffs (think roasted pumpkin seeds), Thanksgiving brings out the best in creative cooks and people looking to try their hand at hosting a Thanksgiving dinner where they prepare and successfully cook  their main course.

While the act of preparing the turkey gravy is a chapter for discussion at a later date, we know that side dishes deserve some mentioning as well.  However, it is best to enjoy your main course and sides with family and friends — even if they don’t come to dinner donning a Pilgrim’s hat! 🙂 Gobble, gobble!

In conclusion, Happy (Snappy) Thanksgiving from ElementofColdfusion.net!


Feature image from ElementsofColdfusion.net 2017

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