Some of the animations I created while in college, for Holidays and as a hobby, can be viewed below.  Click on any of the animations to view as part of my Gallery.

********************************UPDATE 12/02/12********************************

“You Rock” & “You Rock and Roll” Animations


I have decided to add two new sections to my animated Gif section.  My “You Rock” and “You Rock and Roll” animations are available to look at, admire, or download.  Tell that special someone that really do Rock with my “You Rock” & “You Rock and Roll” Animations.

********************************UPDATE 08/21/12********************************

I have decided to change this animation web site section a tad by adding a Holiday themed section.  This section will have all the small animated icons for Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc.

I am going to have a “General” section for all other animations that do not fit under holidays.

Holiday Animations and Anifavs


This section includes some of the 16 x 16 pixeled animations I created for different holidays like Christmas, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.  Basically, a few animated favorite icons in there.


General Animations


Below are some other concepts/animations that are not related to holidays.



Animated Green alien I edited while at college.  The original animation was a static image that a professor at Montgomery College retrieved from

Alien green_animation


Another one of my animations I created this time used magic marker and a scanner instead of Adobe Photoshop.  This was a concept I originally did for a class at Montgomery College.

Student powered animation


This is an example of an animation I created for back in the mid 2000’s.


Animation: Stock Car Racing is Awesome

Below are some animations I created for general sales ads  I was testing to see how it would look with a specific time frame of product sales and other shapes and sizes.





Animation: YellowColored_BigSale Advertisement





Thanks for viewing! Enjoy.


I hope to have more frame by frame animations for people to use on their own site soon. . . . .




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