Are You Hosting That New Year’s Eve Party?? Here Are Some Key Items To Consider Buying!

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Volunteering to host that awesome those New Year’s Eve (NYE) festivities at your place (party house), is always a fun way to ring in the new year with friends and family. But, like any NYE party, there are plenty of items to buy to make it a success.  Even if you are NOT required to buy everything, this list can also help your guests out as well!

So, without further ado, here is a short list of items to consider buying.

Party Hats

What is a NYE party without party hats?  Just an FYI: Reusing those “Happy New Year 2017” party hats might NOT go over too well.  Nothing says stingy NYE host with those relics of last year’s shindigs. 🙂 And can help you out with some good choices! Whether the adornments include a coned shape hat, a top hat, a tiara or leis, these items may help out by bringing some style to the end of year celebration.

And the good news about buying these party hats and other fun items? There are plenty of options, but ultimately, the final choice is yours!

Champagne Glasses | Champagne Flute Glasses

Whether it’s hard plastic or the real thing, champagne glasses and flutes are great for having that bubbly poured and ready, right before the clock ticks down to midnight. You can also enjoy the technique of pouring bubbly into glasses that light up!  Here are a few (liquid — champagne holders) to consider purchasing:

Need that special champagne glass that lights up? If the answer is a resounding, Yes, then this LED one may do the trick!

Of course, there are options available for those looking to pour that bubbly into more convenient plastic flutes for a group of 25.

These are just a few of the many options available for choosing those perfect vessels to serve and to enjoy the champagne.

Holiday Nut Platters

What is a party without some delicious platters of snacks for the hungry visitors?  We know that guests and host alike enjoy a small bite to eat while fraternizing with friends and family. What are holiday party platters without an assortment of nuts and other goodies?  Here are a few to consider:

The great thing about these holiday gift trays is that the delicious nuts and other tasty morsels are ready to go when guests arrive!

And if you are in the process of picking up that shrimp or cheese platter, beforehand, rest easy knowing that these yummy nut platters require no waiting or refrigerating to enjoy.

Those nut trays can be a real bonus factor by reducing stress while trying to get everything else done.

Beverage Bowls

Mixing that booze and punch as a precursor to the pre-champagne toast happening a few hours before midnight? Well, what are plastic beverage bowls without the plastic stirrers and spoons to mix that tasty concoction?

Whether it’s polycarbonate or glass, these bowls will come in handy for those looking to drink a cup or two of that yummy beverage you’ve made for your guests.

New Year’s Eve Decor

Festive tablecloths, 2018 party hangers, confetti poppers, or life-sized “2018” balloons can be appropriate for ringing in the New Year.  And placing those delicious platters and other morsels brought by your guests onto a cool looking tablecloth could create a slight buzz, along with other tidbits like balloons, ceiling hangers for that NYE party.

Bowls For Bottle Chilling

What is champagne with a huge metal bowl to chill all that bubbly prior to midnight toasts and the clanking of glasses? Here are a few bowls to consider buying:

Whether it needs to be filled to the brim with tasty punch, or filled with ice to chill those unopened bottles of bubbly, the options are available on

Did we forget anything on this list of items to celebrate NYE? There are plenty of items to choose from to make that New Year’s event a really fun time for all.

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