American_Independence_Day_Homescreen_Icon_motif_for Element's of in 2014

Happy Independence Day!!

To help celebrate American Independence Day in 2014, I decided to jazz up my “E of C” homescreen icon for smartphone and tablet users who would want to boomark my site! 🙂 I added an 07 and an 04 on opposite sides … Father's Day, 2014

Happy Father’s Day!!!

For this Father’s Day, I decided to do a snappy icon design to celebrate June 14th by utilizing my E of C (Elements of Coldfusion) moniker with Apple Iphones or Android operating systems running on Smart phones and tablets! See image of …
Spring 2014 Homescreen Icon Update

Updates for Spring 2014

Now that Winter is over and Spring is here, I decided to go with a purple theme and say good-bye to all things snowy. I have added a new bookmark icon for smartphone users. My screenshot below will give visitors a new …

New Christmas Holiday Bookmark Icon

To celebrate the 2013 Christmas Holiday and the emerging mobile related phenomenon involving home screen bookmarks, I thought I would design a new bookmark icon.  I call this one, “Candy Canes and Christmas Lights.” For those that are interested in bookmarking my site …